Defences around Batavia in the 1660s
VOC-soldiers embarking
The 1658 campaign in Southern India
Birds eye view of Mannar
The fortress and city of Jaffanapatnam
Makassar Coastline
The bay of Ambon, with Victoria castle
Battle with Portuguese ships before Makassar
The attack on Makassar
The fortress of Sombaopu, containing the Makassarese royal palace.
VOC-troops disembarking near Quilon
Battle at the beach near Quilon
The city of Quilon
Battle between Nayars and Company forces in old Cochin
Entry into Quilon
Map of Taiwan in 1661
The siege of fort Zeelandia
Map of the Malabar Coast
The second siege of Cochin
The fall of the city of Cochin
The city of Cochin
The city of Cochin