Online resources on the VOC

The Dutch National Archives
Houses the Archives of the Dutch East India Company. Site available in several languages. Most archive inventories are searchable online.

Atlas of Mutual Heritage
Online image database containing old prints, drawings and maps from the VOC's Asian possessions. Available in both English and Dutch.

Towards A New Age of Partnership in research, a great resource for the history of Asia and the Dutch.

VOC kenniscentrum
Dutch-language site which gives an overview of several aspects of the VOC and its history.

A Dutch online resource on the VOC, mostly on naval history. Built around a large VOC-ship database.

Online English translation of the VOC Charter
Provided by Australia on the map, a project of the Australasian Hydrographic Society.

VOC Opvarenden
Online database of all VOC personnel of the 18th century. Available in several languages.

Colonial Voyage
English-language website with a great amount of Dutch and Portuguese colonial history. Combines images, book reviews and sound historical information on various subjects. A particulary impressive section on colonial remains all around the world.


Rex Stewart originals
Expert builder of miniature ship models based in Albany, New York.

Tijdloods (Time Pilot)
Living history and history education company based in the Netherlands.

Jamo Web Creations
Tailored web solutions. The builders of this site.