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Marker: Description:
Region. This icon represents a top-level region that consists of one or more area/locality markers. Click on it to zoom to that region and to view its underlying locations.
Area. This icon represents an area, such as a coast, a province, or an island group. Click on it to view its description.
Locality. This icon represents a locality, such as a city. Click on it to view its description.


This map is a tool that provides you with geographic information on important locations in the history of VOC warfare. Additionality, it provides extra textual information about each location.

Navigation. You can navigate (move your view) by using the arrow buttons in the top left corner of the map or by dragging the map with your mouse. You can zoom in and out by using the plus and minus buttons, by dragging the zoom slider up and down, or by double-clicking on the map.

Markers. The map contains several markers (an explanation of each marker is provided in the legend above). You can access each marker by clicking on it, or by clicking on the textual equivalent in the left-hand sidebar.